Summer school programme

Updated 21 June 2006. The lecture notes are linked to this page. Additional course materials can be found here.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday notes

10:00-11:00 Opening of the workshop - rector of RSHU, prof. Lev Karlin

Delopment of fine-scale NWP systems - Jeanette Onvlee
Split  explicit methods - Almut Gassmann Boundary conditions: lateral, upper, lower - Mihail Tolstyh Methods of data assimilation - Reima Eresmaa
Surface data assimilation - Francois Bouyssel Final discussion and closure On Monday first lecture starts after Opening
11:00-11:20 Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee        
11:20-12:20 Basic equations, vertical coordinates, simplifications - Hans-Joachim Herzog Semi-implicit, semi-lagrangian methods - Rein Room Spectral formulation of nonhydrostatic model - Pierre Benard Data assimilation in operational LAM's - Roger Randriamampianina
Remote sensing + new observations -

GNSS - Reima Eresmaa
Radar - Kirsti Salonen

12:20-12:30 Short break Short break Short break Short break Short break    
12:30-13:30 Test cases for nonhydrostatic effects - Rein Room Numerical stability and smoothing - Pierre Benard Turbulence and physics/dynamics interactions - Semion Sukoriansky Simulation of analysis errors - Simona Stefanescu Satellite radiances - Per Dahlgren
13:30-15:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch    
15:00-17:30 Introduction to dynamics exercises (1) (2) - Aarne Männik

Dynamics exercises start
Dynamics exercises continue Dynamics exercises continue; discussion on results
Introduction to data assimilation exercises - Per Dahlgren

2D DA exercises start
Discussion on mesoscale data assimilation challenges
- introduction + chaired by Jeanette Onvlee
- comments and questions by participants
17:30-17:40 Short break Short break Short break Short break Short break    
17:40-19:00 Flow over resolved and unresolved orography - Laura Rontu

Coriolis effects in Prandtl model for katabatic flow - Iva Kavcic

Air quality modelling system SILAM: moving towards finer resolution- Marko Kaasik pdf ppt+animations (tgz, 23 MB)
Semi-lagragian smoothing - Martina Tudor

Linear model to investigate nonlinear NWP model accuracy
- Marko Zirk

Numerical simulation of high-frequency normal atmospheric modes - Aleksei Vlasov
CBR studies in Sodankylä - Yevgeny Atlaskin

Handling of lakes in forecast model and surface data assimilation - introduction by Katerina Kourzeneva

2D DA exercises continue

Discussion about validation and diagnostics

Introduction - Kalle Eerola
Croatian winds - Martina Tudor
  On afternoons: presentations by the partipants
19:00-19:30 Dinner / Ice breaker Dinner Dinner Dinner DINNER   On Friday special dinner