St.Petersburg Summer School 2006
Nonhydrostatic dynamics and fine scale data assimilation
11-17.6.2006 Sanatorium Dunes, Sestroretsk

Below you find links to course resources: publications of related courses, references to literature, lecture notes, downlodable software to be used for the excercises. The list will be populated as soon as new information will be available. Note that the presentations and lecture notes will be linked directly to the course programme after or before the school. For general references, see also "Useful links" at the NetFAM home page.

Please download to your laptop/usb stick/ excercise files and other needed material, print interesting presentations! Access to internet during the school will be limited due to technical reasons.

7 June, 2006

Download programmes for excercises

The following links provide material for SSS06 exercises: to run in available computers or to read and analyse ready-made simulations. Each package contains some minimum documentation, which should make it possible to install the programs. Please download and try even before the school - this will create a hot start for the exercises in Sestroretsk. Please send any comments and questions to Laura Rontu (, Aarne Männik ( or Kirsti Salonen (

Tartu mountain wave routines

Linear buoyancy waves generated by bell-shaped mountain as a model test. The package contains needed c-programmes and documentation, including some references. Programmes may be run during the SSS06 dynamics exercises. Please download the file tartumw.tar.gz.
First version 6 June, 2006

ALADIN and Tartu bubble simulations

Nonhydrostatic and hydrostatic simulations of small-scale bubbles. The package contains presentation by Jan Mashek in AROME course (see link above), new bubble programme by Aarne Männik, some additional documentation and excercise tasks. Please download the file bubbles.tar.gz
Second version 8 June, 2006

ALADIN Croatian bora simulations

Nonhydrostatic and hydrostatic simulations of bora wind case over Croatian mountains and Adriatic sea 13 Nov, 2004. The package contains report by Martina Tudor plus two grib files with mean and envelope orographies with 2km resolution over the ALADIN experiment domain. Grib files with the experiment results and grads ctl files will be available during the course at CD. Existing results may be analysed and discussed during the SSS06 dynamics exercises. A few Croatian mountain profiles have been included into the input data of Helsinki mountain wave programmes (see below). Please download the file bora.tar.gz.
First version 1 June, 2006

Helsinki semi-analytic stationary mountain wave routines

Stationary, finite-amplitude buoyancy waves generated by arbitrary mountain profile. The package contains needed semi-analytic f77-programmes, some input data and documentation, including some references. Programmes may be run during the SSS06 dynamics exercises. Please download the file famwm.tar.gz
Second version 6 June, 2006

Routines for 2D data assimilation excercises - missing document added 29 June!

Numerical analysis laboratory from MISU, Stockholm university. The package contains f77 programmes and documentation. The programmes can be run during the SSS06 data assimilation excercises. Please download the file analab.tar.gz .
First version 2 June, 2006

Links to related courses

The first AROME training course, Poiana Brasov, November 21-25, 2005.

ECMWF course materials

Earlier presentations, reports, articles

Data Assimilation

Specification of errors in data assimilation - lecture by Susan Ballard at NetFAM-COST/731 Vilnius workshop, 2006.

Dale Barker's home page with data assimilation related presentations

Weather Research and Forecast Model (WRF) variational data assimilation tutorial

Presentations from HIRLAM ASM - ALADIN workshop in Sofia 14-19 May 2006:


Momentum fluxes in HIRLAM - presentation of Niels Woetman Nielsen in NetFAM Sodankylä summer school 2005

Peter Lynch's home page with NWP related material and excercises

Models and systems

Presentations from HIRLAM ASM - ALADIN workshop in Sofia 14-19 May 2006:

Background material for excercises

SRNWP test cases for nonhydrostatic models

Bubble test - lecture by Jan Masek at AROME course, 2005.

Analytic mountain-wave solutions - lecture by Josef Vivoda at AROME course, 2005.

Links for your linux laptop

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