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Updated 7.12.2012.
Presentation pdf files are linked into the programme below.

Monday the 3rd of December 2012

Meeting room Tellus (3rd Floor, room 3D19c)

Session 1: Introduction

Chairman: Sylvain Joffre

09.00 - 09.10 Opening and arrangements of the workshop

09.10 - 09.35

Sergej Zilitinkevich: New developments in modelling and parametrization of stable PBLs

abstract presentation

09.35 - 10.00

Irina Sandu: Why is it so difficult to represent stable boundary layers in NWP models?

abstract presentation

10.00 - 10.25

Timo Vihma: Towards the Fourth GEWEX Atmospheric Boundary Layer Model Inter-comparison Study (GABLS4)

abstract presentation

10.25 - 10.45 Refreshments

Session 2: Forecasting SBL Weather

Chairman: Sami Niemelä

10.45 - 11.10

Jukka Julkunen: Boundary layer challenges in aviation meteorology

abstract presentation

11.10 - 11.35

Francois Boyussel: Forecasting low level clouds and fog with Arome

abstract presentation

11.35 - 12.00

Karl-Ivar Ivarsson: Experiences on AROME forecasting fog and low clouds for Nordic conditions

abstract presentation

12.00 - 12.25

Aurore Porson: Clear sky and fog case studies over the UK with the high resolution MetUM

abstract presentation

12.25 - 12.50

Irene Suomi: Effects of stability on wind gusts

abstract presentation

12.50 - 13.50 Lunch

13.50-13.50 (cancelled, see the linked paper instead)

Evgeny Atlaskin: Evaluation of NWP results for wintertime nocturnal boundary-layer temperatures over Europe and Finland

abstract published paper

13.50 - 14.15

Dmitrii Mironov: Effect of Surface Temperature Heterogeneity on Turbulent Mixing in the SBL

abstract presentation

14.15 - 14.30

Ekaterina Kourzeneva: Surface temperature model errors in off-line ice simulations under SBL conditions

abstract presentation

14.30 - 14.45

Laura Rontu: Very short note on radiation comparisons in Sodankylä

abstract presentation

14.45 - 14.55 Introduction + division to working groups

14.55 - 15.15 Refreshments

15.15 - 17.00 Session 3: Working groups

Suggested working groups:

WG-Oper: Problems and solutions for handling of SBL in operational NWP
Expected outcome: identification of main problems and suggestions for further work

WG-GABLS: Preparation of GABLS4 Antarctic experiment
Expected outcome: plans and perhaps data for the next phase of the experiment

WG-Turb: Ways to implement the new turbulence parametrisations into NWP models
Expected outcome: suggestions for the approach and code structures for AROME-ALARO and other models

Rooms available for working groups:

Kontti (medium), bottom floor PA06c (Mon-Tue)
Sykloni (medium), 4th floor 4A08c (Wed)
Tellus (large), 3rd floor, 3D19c
Turbulenssi (small), 4th floor, 4A12c

Tuesday the 4th of December 2012

Session 4: Modelling of SBL over snow and ice

Chairman: Timo Vihma

09.00 - 09.25

Hannu Savijärvi: High-resolution simulations of the night-time stable boundary layer over snow

abstract presentation

09.25 - 09.50

Marina Sterk: The role of snow-surface coupling, radiation and turbulent mixing in modeling a stable boundary layer over Arctic sea-ice

abstract presentation

09.50 - 10.15

Olivier Traulle: Preliminary results on turbulent measurements over an instrumented profile tower in Dome C Antarctica

abstract presentation

10.15 - 10.40

Eric Bazile: Study of the diurnal cycle at DomeC Antarctica: 3D and 1D experiment and impact of the snow and PBL scheme

abstract presentation

10.40 - 11.05

Rostislav Kouznetsov: The shallow katabatic flows over Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica

abstract presentation

11.05 - 11.25 Refreshments

Session 5: Turbulence parametrisations

Chairman: Carl Fortelius

11.25 - 11.50

Ivan Bastak Duran:

Compact stability dependence model for turbulent schemes with prognostic TKE and without critical Richardson number: 3 parameter system of functions for the whole range of Richardson numbers

abstract presentation

11.50 - 12.15

Jean-Francois Geleyn: Third Order Moments parametrisation for turbulent schemes with prognostic TKE: non-local extension of local heat/moisture diffusion with a complete, simple and stable solver

abstract presentation

12.15 - 12.40

Niels Woetman Nielsen: Parameterization of the effect of turbulence in the nocturnal boundary layer

abstract Updated DMI report instead of presentation

12.40 - 13.40 Lunch

Session 7: Working groups continue

13.40 - 17.00

WG-Oper: Problems and solutions for handling of SBL in operational NWP

WG-GABLS: Preparation of the GABLS4 Antarctic experiment

WG-Turb: Ways to implement the new turbulence parametrisations into NWP models

14.50 - 15.10 Refreshments

Working group sessions continue after coffee break.

19.30 Workshop dinner in restaurant Cella

By choosing meals from menu beforehand we will improve service in the restaurant. Please think about your choice (everyone will pay own expenses), we will collect a list of 2-3 alternatives on Monday!

Wednesday the 5th of December 2012

08.30 - 10.00

Finishing working group work, writing slides for general discussion

Session 6: Air quality modelling in SBL

Chairman: Curtis Wood

10.00 - 10.25

Alexandr Baklanov: SBL parameterisations for urban areas and environmental applications

abstract presentation

10.25 - 10.50

Marko Kaasik: Performance of SILAM air quality model in winter anticyclone

abstract presentation

10.50 - 11.10 Refreshments

Session 7: Final discussions

Chairman: Laura Rontu

11.10 - 11.40

Report from WG-Oper, discussion

11.40 - 12.10

Report from WG-GABLS, discussion

12.10 - 12.40

Report from WG-Turb, discussion

12.40 - 13.00

Final discussion and conclusions


Closure of the workshop

13.00 - Lunch