You are kindly invited to stay at the hotel AVA on the other side (than FMI) of the Kumpula valley in Helsinki. Each of you is responsible for making your own reservation from the block booked by FMI by sending an e-mail directly to the hotel: varaukset, Use the code "FMI stable" to identify the reservation. The FMI block reservation is valid till the 12th of November, 2012.

Please find AVA's instructions and conditions (pdf) for making reservation.

If you wish to stay elsewhere, please take care of the reservation yourself, sufficiently early in advance.

Partipants supported by MUSCATEN or QualiMET, please note that FMI may cover your accommodation by paying directly to AVA on your behalf. More information about this will be given during the workshop. Please note that for this last workshop of MUSCATEN (2009-2011) the funding resources are quite small!