Updated 13.4.2010.

pdfProgramme (printable pdf with a list of participants)

Wednesday, March 24th

Morning Session - Assimilation of snow and ice observations
Chaired by Marko Kaasik
Application of satellite snow and ice measurements in NWP
Jouni Pulliainen
Presentation pdf, 8.2 MB
Impact of data assimilation on modelled snow-atmosphere interactions
Richard Essery
Abstract Presentation pdf, 0.4 MB
Snow analysis in HIRLAM and HARMONIE
Mariken Homleid
Abstract Presentation pdf, 1.2 MB
Assimilation of satellite snow observations in HIRLAM
Kalle Eerola and Suleiman Mostamandy
Presentation pdf, 1.9 MB
Experiments with CANARI snow analysis
Jure Cedilnik
Abstract Presentation pdf, 1.1 MB

Afternoon Session - Snow and ice in numerical weather prediction (NWP) and climate models
Chaired by Eric Bazile
Snow parametrizations in NWP and climate models
Patrick Samuelsson
Presentation pdf, 0.3 MB
Snow in SURFEX
Aaron Boone (invited speaker)
Presentation pdf, 5.7 MB
About double energy balance in snow-covered forest
Stefan Gollvik
Presentation pdf, 1.5 MB
Modelled and observed ABL structure and processes in a snow-covered forest
Carl Fortelius
Presentation pdf, 0.5 MB
HIRLAM on ice - experimenting with an operational NWP
Laura Rontu
Abstract Presentation pdf, 9.9 MB

Thursday, March 25th

Morning Session - Dynamical and thermodynamical models of snow and ice; model systems
Chaired by Jorma Kuparinen
Detailed snow-pack modelling and its application to snow-cover monitoring, hydrology, road meteorology and climate
Eric Brun (invited speaker)
Abstract (pdf) Presentation pdf, 8.5 MB
Modelling of snow and ice thermodynamics with HIGHTSI using atmospheric data from HIRLAM
Bin Cheng
Presentation pdf, 2.2 MB
WRF Model Experiments on the Antarctic Atmosphere in Winter
Esa-Matti Tastula
Abstract (pdf) Presentation pdf, 0.5 MB
Snow in the NWP at Meteo France and new opportunities for snow climatology (EURO4M)
Eric Bazile
Presentation pdf, 0.7 MB
Sensitivity of permafrost and season freezing evolution to regional simulation of snow cover
Tatiana Pavlova (invited speaker)
Abstract Presentation pdf, 0.9 MB
Frequency of ground-based thermal inversions in Estonia and relations with snow cover
Eva-Stina Kerner
Presentation pdf, 0.5 MB
Assimilation of snow data for modelling of snow distribution in Swedish mountain and forest areas
David Gustafsson
Presentation pdf, 2.3 MB

Afternoon Session - Chemistry, pollution, ecosystems of snow and ice related to atmosphere; applications
Chaired by Patrick Samuelsson
Ecology of Baltic Sea Ice
Janne-Markus Rintala
Link to dissertation
NetICE - a Nordic network on sea ice research
Jorma Kuparinen
Presentation pdf, 1.0 MB
25 years of snow-based air pollution studies in Estonian oil shale processing region
Marko Kaasik
Presentation pdf, 5.5 MB
Modelling of fly ash deposition in Estonian oil shale processing region and validation based on deposition in snow cover
Riinu Ots and Ardi Loot
Presentation pdf, 1.4 MB
Finnish icing atlas 2010
Karoliina Ljungberg
Presentation pdf, 0.3 MB

Friday, March 26th

Working/planning groups and meetings on workshop topics

Snow/ice data assimilation. Report draft (html)

Snow parametrizations. Report (pdf)