Monday 12
9h00 -9h10 Opening of the Workshop Jean Pailleux
Aerosol impact on CBL and microphysics. Chair: Laura Rontu
9h10 Radiation - PBL interactions, including aerosol and diamond dust aspects Hannu Savijärvi
9h50 Aerosol impact on CBL. Radiative forcing and precipitation Jean-Louis Brenguier
10h30 The effect of mixing and initial CCN distributions on ondensational growth of droplets in clouds. Alan Gadian
10h50 Study of the aerosols effect on a marine stratocumulus diurnal cycle using LES Irina Sandu
11h10 Coffee Break
Aerosol impact on CBL and microphysics. Chair : Hannu Savijärvi
11h30 Column aerosol extinction properties as initial conditions for fog formation in a polluted environment: preliminary study Thierry Elias (CANCELLED)
11h50 Meso-NH microphysics Jean-Pierre Pinty
12h10 Influence of aerosol on the life cycle of fog Jerome Rangognio
12h30 Lunch
Shallow convection  scheme Chair : Martin Koehler
14h00 Modelling and Parameterizing the Cloudy Boundary Layer. What we have learned over the past 10 years? Pier Siebesma
14h30 A unified approach for parameterizing the boundary layer and moist convection Cara-Lyn Lapen
15h10 Impact studies and validations of Clouds as simulated by the ARPEGE-Climate physics with the use of 3D-GCM, 1D-SCM and 2D-transects Pascal Marquet
15h30 Intercomparison of different parametrizations in ARPEGE and LMDz physics using different shallow cumulus case studies Marie-Pierre Lefebvre (CANCELLED)
15h50 Global view of shallow convection Peter Bechtold
16h10 Coffee Break
Shallow convection  scheme. Chair : Cara-Lyn Lappen
16h30 Energy balance in clear and cloudy cases in Sodankylä Jevgeny Atlaskin
16h50 A new equation set for convective parameterization, intermediate between present parameterizations and superparameterizations: 3MT-FP Jean-Marcel Piriou
17h10 Implementation of the quasi-normal scale elimination theory of turbulence in HIRLAM: Influence on prediction PBL clouds and turbulent fluxes Veniamin Perov
17h30 Enf of the day !
Tuesday 13
Shallow convection  scheme. Chair: Pier Siebesma
09h00 Performance of recent HIRLAM physics in idealized 1D tests (BOMEX, EUROCS, ASTEX) Bent Hansen Sass
09h20 Status and the perspective of the CBL in the ARPEGE-ALADIN/MF system Eric Bazile
09h40 An integral approach to modeling PBL transports and clouds Martin Koehler
10h00 1D and 3D results of the new mass flux convection scheme in MESO-NH/AROME Julien Pergaud
10h20 A new source terme in the parametrized TKE equation being of relevance for the stable boundary layer Mathias Raschendorfer
10h40 Coffee Break
FOG-COST722. Chair: Sylvain Joffre
11h00 Status of COST 722 Vesa Nietosvaara
11h30 The PArisFOG experiment Thierry Bergot
11h50 A 3D high resolution model for local fog prediction Rachel Capon
12h10 Validation of different approaches to forecast near surface cloud water in NWP models Claus Petersen
12h30 Lunch
FOG-COST722. Chair: Vesa Nietosvaara
14h00 Intercomparison of numerical models for the prediction of fog Enric Terradelas
14h20 Parameterizations used in the 2D-topographical boundary layer model (tBM) Olivier Liechti
14h40 Discussion and organization of working groups
15h00 working groups
16h00 Coffee Break
16h20 Again working groups
17h30 End of the day
19h30 Dinner in town offered by Meteo France
Wednesday 14
09h00 COST-722 and NetFAM meetings in parallel
09h50 Again working groups
10h50 Coffee Break
11h10 Again working groups
12h00 Final session
WG report1 Stable BL clouds and fog
WG report2 Unstable BL clouds
13h00 Closure