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NetFAM 2005-2009

NetFAM's final report for the extension period 2008-2009 was sent in a letter to NordForsk today. This concludes the five years of successfull networking within the Nordic Network on Fine-Scale Atmospheric Modelling. Thanks to NordForsk for funding us all these years, thanks to all participants for making the success possible! Our site with all the resources will remain here at least during the year 2010, perhaps later moving to the server of our successor MUSCATEN at


Seasons Greetings 2009-2010

Modis Terra satellite 17 Dec 2009

The last year of NetFAM is almost over, again with many successful activities behind us. We have used all the money NordForsk has provided us: for exchange visits, two workshops, two practical courses, communication and exchange of information. NetFAM web page has continued growing this year. It will stay frozen at least for the year 2010, hopefully providing a valuable archive of the materials and results gained during the project. Thanks to all partners for the hard work during all the five years, which allow us to report real achievents and look forward for continued cooperation in the framework of MUSCATEN and other projects and networks!


MUSCATEN got a web site

A new web page of MUSCATEN is now available at Tartu university server: Please find information about the coming MUSCATEN-NetIce workshop on modelling of atmosphere-snow-ice interactions 24-26 March, 2010 in Kuopio, Finland and other news there.


MUSCATEN received NordForsk funding for 2010-2012

Rein Rõõm, the coordinator of an application with the project title "Towards Multi-scale Modelling of the Atmospheric Environment (MUSCATEN)", informed that this network project has been chosen to receive a grant from Nordic Research Board for the next three years. NetFAM's congratulations! Our partners have been active in setting up MUSCATEN, which may use the results by NetFAM 2005-2009 as a starting point for new activities and achievements.


NetFAM status on Midsummer

Both main workshops of 2009 have been successfully held and the presentations found at the NetFAM workshop page. The first NetFAM workshop was held in January 2005 and concentrated on clouds and condensation. Now, almost five year ago, our final workshop covered the same topic. Comparison of the presentations and discussion notes given in these two events gives an impression of the progress made during these years, and the contribution NetFAM researchers have made to it. Perhaps the most important is that during these years, NetFAM has provided a forum for discussion on this and other aspects of the fine resolution atmospheric modelling, bringing together not only the members of the network but representatives of the wider European and North American atmospheric modelling community. The NetFAM web pages aim at archiving materials related to this collaboration and providing a resource for further developments, hopefully available even after NetFAM will complete its work in the end of 2009.


Workshops 2009

A joint NetFAM COST-ES0207 Workshop on "Usage of local, micrometeorological and remote-sensing observations for data-assimilation and validation of mesoscale atmospheric models" will take place in Oslo, 16-20 March 2009.

A workshop on "Moist processes in future high resolution NWP models" will be arranged during June 15-17, 2009 in Norrköping, Sweden.


Seasons Greetings

The year 2008 is approaching to an end, with a lot of successfull NetFAM activities behind. Thanks to all organisers, participants, supporters for your fruitful work that has made the success possible! And please find first information about the planned events for 2009 at the workshop page.


NordForsk success stories and other autumn news 2008

NordForsk published a booklet Nordic Research Gems. Also NetFAM is there (number 19), in a short presentation by Katrine Ziesler (text) and Terje Heiestad (photo).

NetFAM report for 2008 is being written. You can find a draft here (pdf). Plans for 2009 include a workshop on observation usage in March in Oslo (information to appear soon at A summer workshop/course on clouds and convection will be arranged in Norrköping in June. This will be the last larger event of NetFAM, 2005-2009. Information will appear at


Summer school and workshop 2008 programmes available

Please find the presentations of the summer school + workshop on chemical and numerical weather and the programme of the lake workshop (pdf). Nice summer vacations to all NetFAM participants!


Summer school and workshops

The recent silence at NetFAM web pages hides quite a lot of intensive work done for preparation of the upcoming summer school and workshop on chemical and weather modelling and the workshop on lake modelling. The first event has received a record amount of registrations - about 60 persons. Thanks to the support of COST actions, Tempus and local Russian funding, these participants were accepted. Unfortunately, the organisers could not find financial support for several applicants from India, Africa and South America. The next version of the programme, participant list and other material are under preparation and will appear soon at these pages. In the second event, about 40 persons have registered, and also here we expect soon new information at our pages.


NetFAM extension 2008-2009 granted

Today we received information from NordForsk, that "NordForsk's Director Liisa Hakamies-Blomqvist has decided to grant your extension application (NordForsk Ref No 070432)". Thus, NetFAM extension for 2008-2009 has been accepted by NordForsk, and we can continue according to our plans. Welcome also our new partners: Latvian Environment, geology and meteorology agency (Latvian team) and North-Western Filial of Russian hydrometeorological centre (in the Russian team)!


Happy New Year 2008

The year 2008 and preparation of NetFAM actions of the year have started. We have not yet received confirmation about the extension from NordForsk, but hope for the best. Meanwhile, first information about the workshops and summer schools has been prepared:

Young scientist summer school and workshop on "Integrated Modelling of Meteorological and Chemical Transport Processes / Impact of Chemical Weather on Numerical Weather Prediction and Climate Modelling", is to be arranged 7-15 July 2008 in the surroundings of St.Petersburg, Russia. The co-organisers are NetFAM with TEMPUS Joint European Project, JEP-26005-2005 "Development of a competency-based two-level curricula in meteorology", COST Action ES0602 "Towards a European Network on Chemical Weather Forecasting and Information SystemsD" and COST Action ES0603 (EUPOL) "Assessment of production, release, distribution and health impact of allergenic pollen in Europe."

A workshop on "Parameterization of Lakes in Numerical Weather Prediction and Climate Modelling" is to be held in the same place 18-20 September 2008, Zelenogorsk.Please find the first circular (pdf) of the workshop.

A long-standing project of arrangment of Sodankyl\"a observations in convenient form for the modeller's use has advanced. Now, a lot of interesting up-to date observations are regularly and freely available at the FMI ARC data-base site, under the intriguing title "SMS data" (this refers to the way how the data is transferred at Finnish Meteorological Institute using the Supervisor Monitor Scheduler software by the European Centre of Medium Range Forecasting). The data are in daily files of ASCII format, with minimal documentation included.

A new document concerning NetFAM visits and travelling will be available at the document page, to assist planning and monitoring mobility in the network during the year 2008.

A short report by Eija Vallinheimo about NetFAM was published "Puhuri", in the internal journal of FMI. A scanned copy is here, for those understanding Finnish.


Extension application sent to NordForsk

The NetFAM extension application for 2008 - 2008 was sent to NordForsk 21 November. A scanned copy (pdf) of the application is available among the NetFAM documents.


NetFAM statistics 2005-2007

The NetFAM coordinating group is preparing an extension application for 2008-2009, optionally granted for the network by NordForsk. For this, we have collected data for a progress report and suggestions for the plan 2008-2009. Preliminary statistics of the NetFAM activities tells us that during 2005-2007 All this successfull activity has been made possible by the funding of ca. one hundred thousand euros, granted by NordForsk to NetFAM for 2005-2007.


NetFAM plans 2008-2009

NetFAM activities consist of workshops, summer schools and mobility within the network, in addition participation of the member is external workshops may be supported. Preliminary ideas for workshops and courses in 2008-2009 include:

Workshop on "Lakes in numerical weather prediction models" will be arranged in the surroundings of St.Petersburg, Russia in March 2008. The workshop will bring together, for the first time, researchers studying and building parametrization methods for handling the influence of lakes in atmospheric models. Such new step in accommodating new phenomena in numerical weather prediction models has emerged due to the increase in model resolution. Integrating lake effects is especially relevant for Nordic countries. The announcement of the workshop will appear at in November 2007.

Summer school and workshop on "Interaction of meteorological and air quality models at the mesoscale", to be arranged in June 2008 in surroundings of St.Petersburg, Russia. The aim of the summer school is to study the principles and methods of handling chemical and aerosol processes in coupled and integrated atmospheric model systems. It is still a matter of strong debate how much chemical and aerosol effects have an impact on short-term weather forecasting results. Thus, the answer to this question induces different modelling system frameworks: online, offline, coupled, with the additional issue of at what head-time the effect cannot be neglected anymore. In addition to lectures, practical exercises and student presentations are planned. The announcement of the summer school will appear at in January 2008.

A workshop/course on "Representing moist processes in mesoscale models" will be arranged in Norrköping, Sweden in June 2009. The workshop will continue the work started in the NetFAM workshops in Tartu, 2005 and Toulouse, 2007, concentrating in handling of convective processes in fine scale models.

In 2009, a course/workshop on "Usage of local, micrometeorological and remote-sensing observations for data-assimilation and validation of mesoscale atmospheric models" will be arranged in (Norway/Iceland?). Theoretical and practical questions related to the assimilation of near-surface and upper air observations in the NWP systems gain increasing importance as the model resolutions improve in the horizontal and vertical directions. The workshop will address the new developments in this area, using the experience already gained in the network.


Boundary layer course held in Helsinki 28 May - 1 June 2007

International course of lectures "Geophysical turbulence and boundary layers: nature, theory and role in Earth's systems" led by prof. Sergei Zilitinkevich, was arranged in University of Helsinki and Finnish Meteorological Institute between 28 May and 1 June 2007. Please find course lecture files (and group photos of the happy lecturers and students) at the NetFAM page of workshops.


Preparation of the extension (2008-2009) application of NetFAM has started

During its two and a half years of existence, Nordic Network on Fine-scale Atmospheric Modelling (NetFAM), funded by the Nordic Research Board (NordForsk) has proven extremely useful and fruitful framework of cooperation in research and learning. Regularly arranged workshops and summer schools and the large programme of exchange visits have brought together many tens of atmospheric researchers and research students from all Nordic countries and adjacent areas. In addition to the 18 partners from 9 countires, founders of NetFAM, one more country (Latvia) and one more institute (North-Western filial of the Russian Hydrometeorological Centre) are on the way of joining the cooperation. NetFAM web site has served as a invaluable source of resources for the participants and also for other interested readers. Our experience of joining efforts and cooperation with several COST actions (722, 728, 731) and some other EU-funded projects, HIRLAM and ALADIN communities has created synergy in realization of our common aims.

All this positive experience has led to the unanimous decision to apply for the extension of the NetFAM for the optional last two years of the five-year programme. Preparation of the preliminary report of activities in 2005-2007 and plans for 2008-2009 is ongoing. Team leaders in each country (see the page of contact information) will welcome your suggestions to the documents, to be finalized in October 2007.


Successfull workshop on Integration of meteorological and chemical transport models

The workshop was arranged in Copenhagen 21-23 May together with COST action 728. 45 participants from 20 countries attended the workshop, actively discussing the experience and further perspectives of coupling air quality and meteorology in fine-scale models. All workshop material, including a printable handout of abstracts and all presentations as pdf files, can be found here at the NetFAM site. Follow-up documents for the COST project and HIRLAM-ALADIN communities are being prepared to summarise the suggestions of the workshop of further actions in this area.


January - March 2007 links and coming registration reminders

Material of the February course on Mesoscale observation usage is available at the Helsinki Testbed site.

NetFAM - COST 722 workshop on Cloudy boundary layer gathered more than forty participants. The presentation and working group report pdf files are now available at the workshop site. During this workshop, a NetFAM meeting was arranged to discuss the extension of NetFAM to the coming two years. It was decided to apply for extension, using the option granted by NordForsk when it approved the original application of NetFAM. In the meeting, the deadlines for preparation of the report and application were agreed: drafts before summer holidays, final documents till the end of October. Suggestions for workshop and summerschool topics as well as other suggestions for the NetFAM plan 2008-2009! It was also agreed that Latvian Environmental Agency and North-Western administration of Russian Hydrometcentre should be invited to join NetFAM.

During the three first months of 2007, mobility between NetFAM countries has started actively. The Estonian NetFAM team invited one representative from RSHU and another from Latvian environmental agency, to one-week training (18.-23.2.2007) on installation and running of fine-scale HIRLAM system in cluster - workstation environment. In addition to travels to the Testbed course (1 funded by NetFAM), Toulouse workshop (5 participants + 3 invited speakers funded by NetFAM) and Tartu training (2 participants), the following exchange visits have taken place:

Evgeny Atlaskin, from RSHU to FMI, 15-28.1.2007, Sodankylä + stable boundary layer
Jon Egill Kristjansson, from UO to UH, 25-26.1.2007, Opponent in Sami Niemelä's PhD defence
Gennady Tarakanov, from RSHU to FMI, 24-27.1.2007, Nowcasting + cooperation
Kirsti Salonen and Reima Eresmaa, from FMI to SMHI, 19-23 February 2007, 4D-Var training for observation experts.
Katerina Kurzeneva, from RSHU to FMI and Stefan Gollvik from SMHI to FMI, 26.2-6.3.2007, working together with Lake model and surface parametrizations
Evgeny Atlaskin, from RSHU to FMI, 5.3-11.3.2007, Sodankylä + stable boundary layer studies
Hamza Kabelwa, from RSHU to FMI, 19.-30.3.2007, ECOCLIMAP in HIRLAM
Marje Prank, from UT to FMI, 26-30.3.2007, SILAM

During the rest of the spring, three more occasions will be arranged or supported by NetFAM: HIRLAM-ALADIN yearly meeting in Oslo, Workshop on integration of meteorological and air quality models in Copenhagen and International boundary layer course in Helsinki. Please do not forget register in time!


Cold and interesting January 2007 in Sodankylä

Last January at the Sodankylä observation site turned out to be meteorologically interesting and demanding for the NWP models. Observation data are available in the data base server of the FMI Arctic Institute at (site under construction). Some January plots were recently provided by J.Atlaskin from RSHU. The FMI operational model comparison page contains online daily figures, now showing how the models behave when the spring is advancing.


Past and coming events 2006-2007

A report about NetFAM activities in 2006 was sent to NordForsk in the middle of November. Details about the network budget of the past and the coming year were also included into the requisition, as required by NordForsk.

NetFAM supported several participants in the SURFEX workshop, arranged at Meteo France 12-14 December 2006. In the workshop, general presentations and excercises introduced the participants to the surface data assimilation and modelling. Special working sessions concentrated on discussion about the future plans in this area. An earlier mini-workshop on HIRLAM mesomodelling gathered to Helsinki 29.11-1.12.2006 ten participants to plan and build the basic setup on the HARMONIE (HIRLAM and ALADIN Research for Mesoscal Operational NWP in EUROPE) system.

In February a course on Mesoscale observation usage, related to the Helsinki Testbed, will be arranged by University of Helsinki. NetFAM support will be available from participants from the NetFAM teams, please ask the coordinator of your local team for the details.

Please find information about the coming Toulouse workshop on Cloudy boundary layer and the planned Copenhagen workshop on Bridges between fine-scale air quality and meteorological models, 21-23 May, 2007 at the workshop page.


Autumn news

Summer school on air-sea interactions gathered about fifty participants. The school material will soon be available at school's web site (SCASI). The St.Petersburg summer school page has been updated with photos, see SSS06. To get your copy of the course CD, containing all material and more photos, please provide your postal address to the local organisers!

NetFAM education survey was completed by Sylvain Joffre, please find the resulting analysis (pdf).

Planning of the workshop on "Cloud-covered atmospheric boundary layer" is starting. The workshop will be arranged in Toulouse 12-14 March, 2007, a web page will be built at

The list of completed NetFAM exchange visits 2006 has increased by four items. Anastasia Senkova (RSHU) visited FMI/UH 4-8 September, continuing her work with radiation parametrizations. She gave a seminar presentation at University of Helsinki. Yevgeny Atlaskin (RSHU) visited FMI 28 August - 11 October 2006, working with boundary layer studies and use of Sodankylä data for model comparisons plus participating the HIRLAM workshop, which was arranged in connection with HIRLAM Management group visit at FMI. Paulius Jalinskas and Martynas Kazlauskas (LHMS/UV) visited FMI 2-12 October, updating the system of fine-scale HIRLAM regular runs at LHMS with the support of FMI colleagues. The Lithuanian visitors also participated the HIRLAM workshop at FMI.

Planned visits for the October-December 2006 include: Sami Niemelä (FMI), to SMHI for AROME work; Andres Luhamaa (UT) to Meteo France for microphysics studies; Laura Rontu (FMI), to RSHU for fine-scale HIRLAM work 30 October - 2 November; Yevgeny Genihovich (MGO/RSHU) to FMI, for air quality modelling 30 October - 2 November; Hamza Kabelwa (RSHU) to FMI and Meteo France, for surface and convection-related studies 4-22 December; Ekaterina Kourzeneva (RSHU), Hamza Kabelwa (RSHU), Priit Tisler (FMI) and Laura Rontu (FMI) to Meteo France, for SURFEX workshop 11-14 December. In addition, participation of Paulius Jalinskas in HIRLAM system meeting in Madrid 23-25 October will be partly supported.

Summary of NetFAM activities in 2006 and request for funding in 2007 will be sent to NordForsk during November.


Winter workshops and summer schools 2006-2007

Vilnius workshop on uncertainty in fine-scale meteorological and hydrological models was successfully held. The presentations are at the site, also a CD of workshop material may be requested from the organisers. Please contact Paulius ,

SSS06, the St. Petersburg summer school, was successfully held, see the school page for report, material and information. Later, a CD will be prepared, see details at the school page.

The registration time for the PBL-TRMES summer school on air-sea interaction (SCASI) has been continued to 15 August. Local NetFAM team leaders should be contacted for support to participation at this school.

There are preliminary plans for the 2007 workshop and summer school. The theme of the workshop, to be arranged in March-April 2006 in Toulouse, is modelling of cloudy boundary layer, with aspects of shallow convection and turbulence parametrization, predicting of fog and stratus etc. The summer school/workshop is planned to be arranged together with the COST action 728, building bridges between air quality and meteorological models. The place of this event will most probably be Pyhajarve in South-Eastern Estonia, time before Midsummer (around 14-18.6).


Exchange visits in autumn 2006

After the Vilnius and St. Petersburg events, NetFAM still has resources to support several exchange visits according to the plan. The plan presently includes visits from RSHU + UT to Toulouse (microphysics and explicit convection; surface parametrizations), from RSHU to FMI (PBL and use of Sodankylä data; radiation; lake parametrizations in HIRLAM), from LHMS to FMI (local HIRLAM system training/support).


First three months of 2006

During the first months preparations to the Vilnius workshop and St.Petersburg summer school have been ongoing. Early registration to both events has been closed, but please contact the organisers if you still wish to participate and contribute. Recently, information about the PBL-TRMES summer school on air-sea interaction (SCASI) became available. The local NetFAM team leaders may request NetFAM support for the SCASI participants from their countries as NetFAM has joined to the organisers of the school.

NetFAM thanks NordForsk for the first, and, unfortunately, the last young researcher scholarships granted to Marko Kaasik (Tartu University, studies with air-quality model SILAM and Nastya Senkova (RSHU, studies of radiation parametrizations with HIRLAM). Reporting and publication of the results achieved during these exchange visits is ongoing. NordForsk has decided to discontinue this form of research funding. Information of the presently existing funding possibilities are available at NordForsk web site.

Several short exchange visits have been done during the first months: Yevgeni Atlaskin (RSHU), to FMI and SMHI - studies related to stable boundary layer temperature forecast; Anna Kanukhina (RSHU) to FMI - case studies of convection; Marko Kaasik and Marje Prank (Tartu University) to FMI - studies related to SILAM; Aarne Männik (Tartu University) and Katya Kourzeneva (RSHU) to FMI - planning of the St.Petersburg summer school. There are possibilities to add exchange visits to the NetFAM 2006 plan - please contact the coordinating group members if you have suggestions.

At FMI, Hanna Manninen (hanna.manninen, will take care of the practical funding tasks of NetFAM from this year onward. Travellers - please send your expense reports to Hanna. NetFAM's thanks are due to Niia Fortelius for taking such a good care of book-keeping and all funding arrangements during the first year of the network!


Welcome to participate NetFAM activities 2006

Preparations to the Vilnius workshop on Uncertainty in fine-scale meteorological and hydrological models, 26-28 April, and St.Petersburg summer school on Nonhydrostatic modelling and fine-scale data assimilation, 11-17 June, are advancing actively. Please find the announcements, preliminary programmes and registration forms in and The deadlines of registration to Vilnius is 13 March, to St.Petersburg 31 March. Your are welcome to registrate your participation and request NetFAM support from the coordinating committee.


From 2005 to 2006

During December 2005, NetFAM supported participation of three persons in the first AROME training course, arranged in Poiana Brasov, Romania. The course material is available at a Meteo France site. Two persons' travel to a HIRLAM-ALADIN Mini-workshop on physics and diagnostics in Oslo was also supported.

Preparation of two main NetFAM events during 2006 has been started. More information will soon appear at the NetFAM page of Workshops and training courses. Both the workshop and the summer school will be free and open for participants outside of NetFAM and COST 731 (but NetFAM will support the payment of travel and accomodation expenses only for its own participants).

The joint workshop with COST action 731 on "Uncertainty in meteorological and hydrological models" will be arranged 26.-28. April 2006 in Vilnius, Lithuania. The workshop will cover problems of fine-scale ensemble forecasts, uncertainty in observations and data assimilation and applications, e.g. in flood prediction. The methods of validation and verification, common to all these will be discussed.

SSS06 stands for the "St. Petersburg summer school 2006 on nonhydrostatic modelling and fine-scale data assimilation". SSS06 will be arranged 11.-17. June in Sestroretsk, 40 kilometers northwest from St.Petersburg at the shore of Gulf of Finland. 2-3 days will be devoted to the topics of model dynamics and about 2 days to the data assimilation. Practical excercises and students' presentations are planned in both topics, to get the feeling of using (simplified) model tools and analysing the results for development of the fine-scale models and data assimilation. Suggestions for the topics of lectures and excercises as well as other ideas are welcome. The deadline for registration to the course will be in the end of March.


Travelling and reporting

A short report about NetFAM activities in 2005 was written and attached to the requisition of funds for 2006, sent to NordForsk in November.

A working meeting on Stable boundary layer modelling was arranged at Finnish Meteorological Institute in Helsinki, the 2nd of November. It can be considered continuation of the January 2005 meeting on Nordic Temperature Problem and discussions during the Sodankylä summer school. reported earlier. The October-November exchange visits of Veniamin Perov (SMHI) and Yevgeni Atlaskin (RSHU) to FMI are devoted to further development of the stable boundary layer studies and finding solutions to the Nordic Temperature Problem.

During summer and autumn research cooperation between Finnish Meteorological Institute and Main Geophysical Observatory has been developed within NetFAM visits of Yevgeny Genikhovich (MGO) to FMI and Mikhail Sofiev (FMI) to MGO. During the visits, information was exchanged concerning the recent developments of fine-scale dispersion models in both institutes and common research topics discussed in detail.

6th International SRNWP-Workshop on Non-Hydrostatic Modelling took place from 31 October to 2 November 2005 in Bad Orb, Germany. Approximately 70 scientists around the world came together and discussed important aspects of the state of the art of non-hydrostatic modelling and short-range numerical weather prediction. Aarne Männik from Tartu University was supported by NetFAM to attend the meeting with the presentation titled "Nonhydrostatic HIRLAM with semi-Lagrangian semi-implicit dynamic core in high resolution NWP environment".

For planning of the year 2006 workshop, common between NetFAM and COST 731 action, Paulius Jalinskas from Vilnius University and Lithuanian hydrometeorological service attended the COST 731 management meeting in Venice, 17-18. November.


Reporting and planning

A report (doc) about the Sodankylä summer school has been written by Sylvain Joffre. A report (pdf) about the studies of three master students of Vilnius university in RSHU in February-May 2005 has been written by Martynas Kazlauskas.

Till the end of summer, approximately 27 000 euros of the 36 000 available for NetFAM during 2005 have been used for the workshop, summer school, meetings and visits. Coordinating group is planning to use the rest for visits, participation of NetFAM students in the first AROME training course arranged in Romania and in a HIRLAM mesoscale physics workshop in Oslo.

Planning of the 2006 activities has been started by the coordinating group. As stated in the NetFAM plan, a workshop on uncertainty in high-resolution models will be arranged. Most probably, it will be done together with the COST 731 action during spring 2006. The NetFAM summer school 2006 (SSS06) on non-hydrostatic dynamics and advanced data-assimilation methods for fine scale models is planned to be arranged ca. 11-17 June, 2006 in St.Petersburg. The host institute for the summer school will be RSHU. More information will soon follow, and any suggestions are welcome.

Meteo France, SMHI, and FMI from NetFAM are among the 13 European meteorological services, who in September 2005 submitted an application for STORMNET (some material here), a meteorological research training network, to Marie Curie Actions within EU FP6-2005 Mobility programme. In the application, FMI took the responsibility for the contacts between NetFAM and the planned STORMNET. If the application will be successfull, the work of STORMNET would start in 2006 and offer e.g. extended possibilities for postgraduate and postdoc exchange between the European meteorological services and leading universities.

A second half-year-long post-doc mobility scholarship was granted by NordForsk to NetFAM for researcher Anastasya Senkova from RSHU. Nastya will start start her studies related to HIRLAM radiation parametrizations at FMI in October. She defended her PhD dissertation about the same topic at RSHU in February 2005.


A review of NWP education within NetFAM

According to the NetFAM plan, one of the objectives is: "To promote the exchange of information and best practices on curricula and training on atmospheric simulation, fine-scale modelling and surface-atmosphere exchange." To implement this goal, the plans for 2005 stated that we will perform a review of the present status of the NWP education in NetFAM institutes, to form a basis for recommendations for further development and coordination.

In this perspective, Sylvain Joffre (FMI) requested the leaders of the national teams of NetFAM to send him by 15th October, a list of courses on the topic of Numerical Modelling in the broad sense that are delivered (or planned to be delivered) in Universities in their country and in their institution. Info should include at least the following aspects: Based on the information a review and further suggestions will be written by Sylvain.


Advance of Helsinki Testbed

A research programme on mesoscale meteorology has been launched in Helsinki, with participation of several industry and research institutes. Testbed covers four seasons and is located in and around Helsinki, Finland. The project runs for two years and a half, from January 2005 until September 2007. The main financier of the project is Technology Agency of Finland (Tekes). The observational and model data produced during the programme will be available to all researchers, including NetFAM partners. For more information please see the web site


Early summer activities

The first post-doc mobility scholarship was granted by NordForsk to NetFAM for researcher Marko Kaasik from Tartu University. Marko has started at FMI studies related to the fine scale pollution dispersion using SILAM model.

NetFAM funded participation of one PhD student from RSHU to a PhD course "Today's Research Training - Tomorrow's Scientific Quality" arranged by NordForsk in Pärnu, Estonia. Two RSHU students participated a short course on severe storms arranged at FMI. Three students from Lithuania (LHMS and University of Vilnius), supported by NetFAM, successfully finished their spring courses on atmospheric dynamics and numerical modelling at RSHU.

Sodankylä summer school (SSS 2005) was favoured by a perfect summer weather and midnight sun. According to the comments of participants, course fullfilled their expectations and influenced their plans about future studies and investigations: "I have been inspired by the enthustiastic scientists". In particular, meeting of different communities of urban air quality and NWP modellers was considered fruitful. Course arrangements also got good marks from the participants: "I like the "semi-organised" approach." Course material (in pdf format) will be soon available at the web page. The ppt-presentations at CD are available upon request from the organisers.


From Tartu to Sodankylä

Tartu workshop report is now in press and also available as a pdf file.

Until today, 31 participants, including the lecturers, have registred in the Sodankylä summer school (SSS 2005). Summer school programme is ready, practical arrangements are being made. The Arctic Research Centre of the Finnish Meteorological Institute is ready to meet the school participants.


February 2005 news


Active January 2005

In January 2005 two NetFAM meetings were successfully arranged: the Tartu workshop on convection and clouds (together with the international HIRLAM and ALADIN projects) and a working meeting on nordic temperature problem . Short planning meetings among the coordinating group members were arranged in connection with the Tartu workshop (to confirm plans for 2005, see network documents) and in Helsinki (for preparation of the Sodankylä summer school). In addition, one representative of NetFAM coordinating group took part in a very informative seminar for new networks arranged by NordForsk in Oslo.

PhD course catalogue and search engine by NordForsk

NordForsk has created a searchable course catalogue to help organisers and participants of PhD courses to meet each other. This service is available at NetFAM institutions are encouraged to get acquainted with this new resource and use it, according to instructions found at that page. Announcement of the Sodankylä summer school will be placed there as soon as the programme draft will be ready.

A working meeting on Nordic Temperature Problem

A meeting of specialists will be arranged in Helsinki 31 January, to discuss the two main problems of HIRLAM in predicting two-metre temperature: to warm wintertime below-zero temperatures over snow-covered surface and to cold daytime temperatures during spring. A review of the ongoing work and in-depth discussions of the suggested solutions as well as formulation of an action plan are expected. Participants from Finland, St.Petersburg, Sweden will attend the meeting, which is arranged at FMI.

Post-doc mobility scholarships of NordForsk

According to the NordForsk's web page, mobility scholarships can be applied for by the networks: "To a young researcher (within five years of PhD) from the adjacent areas (the Baltic States and north-western Russia) for a stay from 3 up to 12 months at a Nordic institution associated with a NordForsk network. The network applies and administrates the scholarship. Please note that it is not possible to apply for research students." NorForsk's next deadline for receiving an application signed by NetFAM coordinator: 1 June. Application forms are available at the NordForsk web page.
13.12.2004, updated 6.10.2005