Workshop on cloudy boundary layer
Toulouse, France, 12-14.3.2007

Clouds forming over lake Höytiäinen (25km west from Joensuu, Finland) 25.12.2006 around midday. Photo L.Rontu

Programme of the workshop
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Practical information

List of participants
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A NetFAM/COST 722 workshop on cloud-covered boundary layer (CBL07) will be arranged at March 12-14, 2007 in Toulouse, France. The aim of the workshop is to join NWP modellers who develop methods for forecasting fog and low clouds, shallow convection and moist turbulence, to review the state of art, discuss the strategy, tasks and plans. Main emphasis is in the fine-resolution models applied for local forecast. Organisers of the workshop come from HIRLAM and ALADIN communities, welcoming interested participants from all NWP consortia. In a way, the workshop is a continuation of the NetFAM workshop on clouds and convection, arranged in Tartu in January 2005. However, in the present workshop deep convection will not be discussed. Presentations of the following topics are welcome: A keynote lecture on each of the topics is planned in addition to contributions of the workshop participants. The workshop will start in the morning of Monday, March the 12th, and end around midday of Wednesday, March the 14th. Extendend abstracts of the workshop presentations will be published as a workshop report and the presentation files made available in web.

Workshop announcement (pdf)

Participation and deadlines

To participate, please send an e-mail to the local organiser Eric Bazile at, with a title of your (20 minute) presentation till 15 January 2007. Short abstracts for the workshop site are welcome till 28th February, 2007. An extended abstract for the workshop report should be provided after the workshop, till 15th April 2007. It is also possible to participate without making a presentation. There is no registration fee in the workshop. Information about accomodation in Toulouse can be found at the page of practical information. Support for travel expenses is available for NetFAM and COST-722 members upon request: please find the contact info at NetFAM and COST-722 web sites (links below).


International organising committee: Eric Bazile (Meteo-France), Sylvain Joffre (Finnish Meteorological Institute), Christine Lac (Meteo-France), Dmitri Mironov (DWD), Hannu Savijärvi (University of Helsinki).

The workshop is arranged in the framework of the Nordic Network on Fine-scale Atmosperic Modelling (NetFAM), in cooperation with COST action 722, developing short-range forecasting methods of fog, visibility and low clouds.

The local organiser in Toulouse is Meteo France and its International conference centre
Contact e-mail in workshop issues: Eric.Bazile at


NetFAM is funded by Nordic Research Board NordForsk
Short Range Numerical Weather Prediction Programme (SRNWP)
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