St.Petersburg Summer School 2006
Nonhydrostatic dynamics and fine scale data assimilation
11-17.6.2006 Sanatorium Dunes, Sestroretsk

Summer school presentations (pdf files) are linked to the programme. Summer school excercises and downloadable materials are found in course resources. SSS06 photo album contains selected photos by Andres Luhamaa. A report of SSS06 was written based on participants' evaluations.

A CD containing all material from this site + presentation ppt files, excercise reports and all full resolution photos, will be available upon request from the course organisers. Please send a message containing your street address to kourzeneva, to obtain your copy as soon as the CD will be ready.

Updated 25 August 2006/LR

P.S. Please find a report about SSS06 at p. 39 of the bulletin Bilten 6-2006 of the Croatian hydrometeorological service, written by the Croatian participants (in Croatian).

The original summer school web page is below:

The aim of the summer school is to give training on nonhydrostatic dynamics and data assimilation techniques for people using and developing fine-scale atmospheric models. Organisers or the summer school come from HIRLAM and ALADIN communities but the course perspective is broader than practical application of these models.

The course should provide an overview on
Introduction to the basic methods of fine-scale dynamics + numerics and data-assimilation will be given, with their practical application at an introductory level. The participants are expected to be at least post-graduate/PhD level students starting to work or already working with NWP models and familiar with basic dynamics and numerical methods.

The venue of the summer school will be Sanatorium Dunes, situated at the Gulf of Finland 40 km northwest from St.Peterburg. Please find the registration form and practical information below.

Preliminary programme

Course resources

Practical information

List of participants (xls)

Registration form (doc) - Registration is closed.

Please have a look on programme and resources and download school material to your laptop (home computer, usb stick ...)!


Network on fine-scale atmospheric modelling - NetFAM  and Russian State Hydrometeorological University - RSHU

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