St.Petersburg Summer School 2006
Nonhydrostatic dynamics and fine scale data assimilation
11-17.6.2006 Sanatorium Dunes, Sestroretsk

Report by the programme committee
(Katerina Kourzeneva, Laura Rontu, Aarne Männik and Kirsti Salonen)

The second NetFAM (Nordic Network on Fine-scale Atmospheric Modelling, funded by NordForsk) summer school (SSS06) was arranged close to St.Petersburg, Russia. 46 registered participants, including the lecturers, from 16 countries attended the school during one week in June 2006. The summer school was arranged at the PhD level. Certicificates confirming the participance were delivered to the students. The programme of SSS06 consisted of lectures, excercises and participants' presentations on nonhydrostatic dynamics and fine-scale data assimilation topics. In addition, social programme was arranged, consisting of an excursion to St. Petersburg, football, icebreaker and concluding banket.The venue of SSS06 was Sanatorium Dunes, situated at the Gulf of Finland 40 km northwest from St.Peterburg.

The SSS06 web site was set up in February 2006 to contain the summer school resources. After the school, a CD with complete material was produced (available upon request from the organisers).

28 participants filled the evaluation form of SSS06. Their opinions are presented in the attached evaluation summary. In general, the school was considered both successfull and useful and the lecturers given high marks on their presentations. (Only invited lectures were included in the evaluation, not participants' presentations). The combination of modellers both from the dynamics and data assimilation communities into a common school was fruitful but also led to some division in the estimates of usefulness of the various presentations. The most general introductory presentations were valued useful by most of the participants. The creative atmosphere, discussions and practical excercises were appreciated most. Some participants considered the school schedule (too) tough and the programme quite demanding, suggesting improvements in the future. The environment and arrangements of the school in the Sanatorium got high marks, with some critical comments in details. The participants considered the SSS06 web page with resources useful, and wished it to be completed after the school.

During the school, ideas, plans and suggestions for further common work and studies were raised and discussed. Just after the school, a smaller working meeting on NWP research was arranged at RSHU at 17 June, to discuss some of these plans and those in the area of physical parametrizations, and make practical suggestions within the HIRLAM-ALADIN cooperation.


The expenses of organisation of the summer school and costs of travel, accomodation and meals of most of the participants were covered by the funding from NordForsk (Nordic Research Board,, granted to NetFAM (Nordic Network on Fine-scale Atmospheric Modelling, The local organiser RSHU (Russian State Hydrometeorological University, took care of all practical arrangements of the summer school. Representatives of the international numerical weather prediction consortia HIRLAM, ALADIN and COSMO contributed significantly to the success of the school.


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