COST-728/NetFAM workshop on
“Integrated systems of meso-meteorological and chemical transport models”
DMI, Copenhagen, 21-23 May 2007

Workshop programme 19.6.2007
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Workshop publication

Printable handout of the workshop

COST728 WG2 report
(Overview of integrated models, for your information)

A NetFAM/COST action 728 workshop on integration/coupling of meso-meteorological (MM) and chemical transport (ACT) models will be arranged on May 21-23, 2007 at the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI, Lyngbyvej 100), Copenhagen, Denmark. The aim of the workshop is to join numerical weather prediction (NWP) and air quality modellers to discuss and make recommendations on the best practice and strategy for further developments and applications of integrated/coupled modelling systems "NWP & Mesometeorology - Atmospheric Chemical Transport". Main emphasis is on the fine-resolution models applied for local chemical weather forecast and considering feedback mechanisms between meteorological and atmospheric pollution (e.g. aerosols) processes.

Organisers of the workshop welcome interested participants from NWP and air quality consortia. Presentations on the following topics are especially welcome: Note that the workshop is focusing on the MM and ACT model coupling strategy and does not aim to concentrate on the specific topics of modelling the urban atmosphere nor on those of aerosol dynamics.

A keynote lecture on each of the main topics is planned in addition to contributions of the workshop participants. The workshop will start around 11 in the morning of Monday, May the 21st, and end around 13 of Wednesday, May the 23th.

Workshop announcement (pdf)

Practical information

Participation and deadlines

To participate, please send an e-mail to the local organiser Alexandr Baklanov (alb at, with a title of your (20 minute) presentation till 31 March 2007. Short abstracts for the workshop site are welcome till 30th April, 2007. An extended abstract for the (printed) workshop report should be provided after the workshop, till 30th June 2007. It is also possible to participate without making a presentation.

There is no registration fee for the workshop. Information about accomodation in Copenhagen can be found at the page of practical information. Support for travel expenses is available for NetFAM and COST-728 members upon request: please find the contact info at NetFAM and COST-728 web sites (links below).


International organising committee: Alexandr Baklanov (Danish Meteorological Institute), Georg Grell (NOAA, USA), Marko Kaasik (University of Tartu, Estonia), Laura Rontu (Finnish Meteorological Institute, FMI), Mihail Sofiev (FMI), Ranjeet Sokhi (University of Hertfordshire, UK), Jacek Kaminski (York University, Canada), Barbara Fay (Deutscher Wetterdienst, Germany).

The workshop is arranged in the framework of COST action 728 "Enhancing Mesoscale Meteorological Modelling Capabilities for Air Pollution and Dispersion Applications" in cooperation with Nordic Network on Fine-scale Atmosperic Modelling (NetFAM)

The local organiser in Copenhagen is Danish Meteorological Institute.
Contact e-mail in workshop issues: Alexandr Baklanov, alb at


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