NetFAM summer school and workshop on Integrated Modelling of Meteorological and Chemical Transport Processes / Impact of Chemical Weather on Numerical Weather Prediction and Climate Modelling

Zelenogorsk (St. Petersburg), Russia, 7-15 July 2008

The school and workshop were held successfully. Thanks for all participants, lecturers and organisers! The school and workshop presentations can be found here:

School       Workshop

Souvenir as pdf (10MB)

School & Workshop booklet (updated 19 June 2008)

Summer school programme pdf (updated 19 June 2008)

Summer school exercises (updated 1 July 2008)

Workshop programme (updated 4 June 2008)

Participant list (updated 19 June 2008)

Info about train from Helsinki to Vyborg pdf

Directions to hotel Gelios html

Contact information:

Tatiana Ermakova RSHU International Relation Office
Phone/Fax: +7-812-444-5636; E-mail: ermakova,
Hanna Manninen FMI Meteorological Research
E-mail: hanna.manninen,
Allan Gross, DMI, summer school leader
E-mail: agr,
Aleksander Mahura, DMI, workshop leader
E-mail: ama,
Sergei Smyshljaev RSHU, Local organization and funding
E-mail: smyshl,
Andrei Belotserkovsky RSHU, Combat Meteo/Tempus
E-mail: belotserkovsky,
Laura Rontu FMI, NetFAM
E-mail: laura.rontu,
Jaakko Kukkonen FMI, COST Chemical Weather
E-mail: jaakko.kukkonen,
Mihail Sofiev FMI, COST Pollen
E-mail: mikhail.sofiev,