Hotel Gelios,

Zelenogorsk, Primorskoe avenue, 593

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How to travel to Zelenogorsk Railway Station from St. Petersburg

Gelios hotel is located in 50 km. North-West from St. Petersburg. If you are not joining arranged transport to the destination (contact Tanya Ermakova for this), you can take a minibus from several places in St.Petersburg. The fare is about 70 roubles.

1. From Finland railway station (Ploshchad Lenina subway station) minibuses number K-400 go to Railway station in Zelenogorsk

2. From subway station Staraya derevnya minibuses number K-305 go to Railway station in Zelenogorsk

3. From subway station Prospekt Prosvesheniya minibuses number K-680 go to Railway station in Zelenogorsk.

There is also a direct local train connection from the Finland Railway Station to the Railway station in Zelenogorsk.

In St. Petersburg, you may need to use metro. The metro has no special zones - all metro is one zone, and there's no time limit for using your ticket. So you can buy a ticket or a coin ("zheton") for 17 roubles for one trip. Metro map can be found here.

How to reach hotel Gelios from the Zelenogorsk Railway station

Take the bus number number 213, 420 or minibus number 302. Fare is about 20 rubles.

How to reach Zelenogorsk Railway Station from Vyborg

There is a local train connection from Vyborg to Zelenogorsk Railway station. There will be an arranged minibus upon arrival of the group from Helsinki.