Workshop Programme

Monday, 14 July 2008

Opening and Introduction

    09.00–09.45 – Registration

    09.45–10.00 – Opening of the meeting – Lev Karlin, Rector of RSHU

    10.00–10.15 – Info about practical arrangements – Tatiana Ermakova (RSHU)

    10.15 - 10.45 – "HIRLAM strategy and connection with ACT" – Sander Tijm (KNMI)

11.15 Coffee break
Session: Enviro-HIRLAM – as a Basis for a New HIRLAM Chemistry Branch
chaired by Rein Room (University of Tartu) and Edward Podgaiskiy (RSHU)
    11.15–11.45 – "On-line integrated Enviro-HIRLAM system: strategy, current status, and further development" – Alexander Baklanov (DMI)

    11.45–12.15 – "Developments and tests of a new heterogeneous chemical mechanism Chem-NWP implemented in Enviro-HIRLAM" – Allan Gross (DMI)

    12.15–12.45 – "On the importance of urban-aerosol-meteorology feedbacks in pollutant concentrations" – Ulrik Korsholm (by Allan Gross) (DMI)

    12.45–13.15 – "On the importance of urbanization in operational on-line forecasting" – Alexander Mahura (DMI)

13.1514.30 Lunch break

Session: Posters
chaired by Sergey Smyshlyaev (RSHU) and Edward Podgaiskiy (RSHU)

    14.30–15.45 – Short oral presentations of posters by participants (max 5 minutes per poster)

15.4516.00 Coffee break

    16.00–18.00 –  Poster Session
Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Section: Other aspects of NWP and ACTM modelling
chaired by William Stockwell (Howard University) and Edward Podgaiskiy (RSHU)

    09.30–10.00 – "Recent and future changes in HIRLAM physics and their impact on atmospheric chemistry transport modelling" – Sander Tijm (KNMI)

    10.00–10.30 – "Chemical solver benchmark testing" – Sergey Smyshlyaev (RSHU)

    10.30–11.00 – "Modeling atmospheric chemistry and the effect of emissions from the biosphere on air pollution and climate" – William Stockwell (Howard University)
11.0011.30 Coffee break

    11.30–12.00 – "On influence of NWP driver and NWP-CTM interface on dispersion ensembles" – Mikhail Sofiev (FMI)

    12.00–12.30 – "Large moisture in the upper troposphere: a mystery or a lack of understanding of cirrus microphysics" – Anatoli Bogdan (University of Helsinki)

13.0014.00 Lunch break

12.30–15.00 – Round Table : Initiating the HIRLAM Chemistry Branch – working plans
chaired by Alexander Baklanov (DMI), Sander Tijm (KNMI), and Edward Podgaiskiy (RSHU)

Definition of the discussion topics with brief intro (5-10 minutes) to start discussions by Sander Tijm (HIRLAM, KNMI), Alexander Baklanov (DMI, University of Copenhagen), Rein Room (University of Tartu), Mikhail Sofiev (FMI),  Sergey Smyshlyaev (RSHU) and other participants in order to outline working plans with contributions of groups and collaboration, build a joint strategy, recommendations and requirements, etc.

15.00 – Closure of the meeting