MUSC working days 29.11. - 2.12.2011 
FMI, Helsinki, meeting room Sykloni, 4th floor

(draft 27.11.2011/LR)

Tuesday 29.11

08.30	Technical preparations for participants computers

Centra session 1 29th November 7.30 - 8.30 UTC
09.30 Introduction to harmonie_MUSC: status, plans, tasks of the workshop Laura Rontu 09.40 Introduction MUSC_export37t: structure, usage, status Eric Bazile 10.10 Intoduction to harmonie_MUSC setup Sami Saarinen 10.30 Coffee break 11.00 How to run a harmonie_MUSC experiment Laura Rontu 11.30 Installations in participants' debian/ubuntu/redhat/fedora laptops, at ECMWF c1a 12.30 Lunch 13.30 Introduction to HARMONIE file formats and tools Ulf Andrae 14.00 Practical work continues with coffee break inserted: finishing installations, running test experiment, understanding basics of input/output 17.00 End of the first day Wednesday 30.11 Centra session 2: 30th November 7 - 8 UTC 9.00 Experiences on (GABLS and other) case studies with MUSC Eric Bazile 9.20 KNMI testbed experiences with MUSC-33 Cisco de Bruijn 9.40 AEMET MUSC-35 experiences Daniel Martin 10.00 Coffee break with FMI NWP group Centra session 3 30th November 8.30 - 9.30 UTC 10.30 Relations between MUSC and SURFEX Stephanie Faroux 11.00 Introduction to the graphics tools Andres Luhamaa
11.30 Handling output of MUSC: file formats, tools Eric Bazile 12.00 Lunch 13.00 Practical session to run experiments, study and analyse the output, with coffee break inserted 17.00 End of the second day Thursday 1.12 Centra session 4 1st December 7.00 - 8.00 UTC 9.00 Introduction to DDH and DDH toolbox Tomislav Kovacic 9.30 Definition of MUSC input: contents, file format, tools Eric Bazile 10.00 Coffee break with FMI NWP group 10.30 Namelist definitions for MUSC Eric Bazile 11.00 Practical work to define and build own input for MUSC 12.30 Lunch 13.30 How to modify source code and recompile Laura Rontu 13.45 Practical session continues with coffee break inserted experimenting with modified input, namelists, source code 17.00 End of the third day 18.30 Start by tram 6 to the restaurant Saaga. We have reserved 14 seats for a dinner together at 19:00-23:00, payment by participants. Friday 2.12 9.00 Draft of user guide, working days' report and further plans Start of discussion 10.00 Coffee break with FMI NWP group 10.30 Finishing experiments, suggestions to the plan 11.30 Final discussion, agreement of the next steps 12.30 Closure of the working days, lunch Possibility to continue practical work, meet FMI people, drink coffee before leaving back home ... Info: password for all Centra sessions is muscwd11