This page contains lecture notes and related material from a HIRLAM training course in Riga, 18-29 October, 1998. Lectures were given about HIRLAM basic model equations, numerical techniques, physical parametrizations, validation, structure of the model code etc. The attendants got acquainted with running of HIRLAM experiments and visualisation of the results using a workstation model setup. A report of the workshop was written.

The course material is published here in hope that it will be useful for HIRLAM education and future courses. The material is not specially cleaned up and may contain inaccuracies. Notes may freely be used and improvements implemented. The authors can be contacted by e-mail for further information. Files are in PDF format opened and printed by the Adobe Acrobat Reader program.



Peter Lynch:

Richardson's Marvellous Forecast

Dynamics and numerics

Jan Erik Haugen: Rein Room:

Non-hydrostatic formulation of HIRLAM

Physical parametrizations

Stefan Gollvik: Laura Rontu

HIRLAM system

Nils Gustafsson: Ulf Andrae:

Graphical display with MetgraF
MetgraF documentation pages are given here instead of the lecture notes.

Model validation

Laura Rontu and Carl Fortelius:

Diagnostics and validation of physical parametrizations

Updated 15.3.1999
Laura Rontu