New developments in modelling of boundary layer

for numerical weather prediction

17 June 2008 10.00-14.30

Finnish Meteorological Institute, Sykloni (4A08c)

The aim of the seminar is to discuss the latest developments in the topic and future applications in HIRLAM/HARMONIE. Some of the presentations will be based on those given in the AMS Symposium on Boundary Layers and Turbulence (Stockholm 8-12 June).

10.00 Opening of the seminar

Sylvain Joffre, FMI

10.10 Stable boundary layer parametrizations

Sergei Zilitinkevich UH/FMI

10.40 Quasi-normal scale elimination

Boris Galperin, U.South Florida, USA

11.10 Observations for PBL validations

David Schultz, UH/FMI. (Warning: large file! 30MB)

11.30 Determination of boundary layer depth in urban environment

Jari Härkönen, FMI

11.50 Lunch

12.40 Decoupling of surface and PBL

Timo Vihma, FMI

13.00 QNSE studies in HIRLAM

Jevgeni Atlaskin, RSHU

13.20 Surface and boundary layer in HIRLAM

Laura Rontu, FMI

13.40 Discussion and planning notes

14.30 Closure of the seminar