Hirlam-B working days on HARMONIE-MUSC

29.11 - 2.12.2011, Helsinki, Finnish Meteorological Institute

updated 2012-04-02


Agenda of the working days (html) contains links to presentations and other material.


Very simple test package and its README.txt as at 21.11.2011, for ARPEGE only without SURFEX connection. README tells how to obtain the source code and scripts from hirlam.org repository, branch harmonie_MUSC, how to compile the main executable and tools and run a basic experiment. Please note that the test package containing data and README are included also into the harmonie_MUSC code repository.

A temporary backup solution for those who do not have subversion access: download a harmonie_MUSC revision 10018 snapshot (tgz, 120 MB).

Here is a template for editing the MUSC_userguide.tex and the pdf made of this very preliminary version: MUSC_userguide.pdf

An technical document for cycle33 MUSC as applied in KNMI testbed is available as pdf. A presentation (pdf) by Eric Bazile in the HIRLAM-ALADIN all staff workshop 2011 gives an introduction to the system of MUSC.

Here is an AROME example tar file from Ulf, for downloading. This is conversion script for graphics convert_to_grads.py.gz from Andres, please gunzip before use.

Link to the hirlam.org wiki MUSC workshop page (password required). You can download files and edit the workshop items there.

Internet access via Saba Centra from EUMETCAL

Please find our instructions how to join Centra sessions.


Lectures and other material are linked to the workshop programme (see above).

Registered classroom participants

Ulf Andrae, SMHI
Eric Bazile, Meteo France
Cisco de Bruijn, KNMI
Stephanie Faroux, Meteo France
Sergiy Ivanov, OSENU (Ukraina)
Karl-Ivar Ivarsson, SMHI
Evgeny Kadantsev, FMI
Tomislav Kovacic, DHMZ (Croatia)
Gopalkrishnan Kokkatil, U.Helsinki
Daniel Martin, AEMET
Kristian Pagh Nielsen, DMI
Laura Rontu, FMI
Sami Saarinen, CSC (Finland)
Niko Sokka, FMI
... max. 15 classroom participants registed: registration closed 14.11.2011.

Online participants

Participants who plan to attend the online sessions via EUMETCAL Centra
Doina Banciu, Meteo Romania
Tilly Driesenaar, KNMI (session 3)
Emily Gleeson, Met Eireann (session 1)
Ekaterina Khoreva, RSHU
Andres Luhamaa, U.Tartu
Mirela Niculae, Meteo Romania
Wim de Rooij, KNMI (session 3)
Simona Tascu, Meteo Romania
Eoin Wheelan, Met Eireann ...
max 15 separate online connections.
Please let us know if you are planning to attend this way so that we'll know approximately how many online guests to expect.


Accommodations have been arranged in Hotel AVA. The block reservation was closed 11.11.11. Upon arrival to Helsinki, you can find to FMI by consulting a map at the internet page of Finnish Meteorological Institute


To request more information please send e-mail to: laura.rontu at fmi.fi .

Towards multi-scale modelling of the atmospheric environment

The course is supported by the Nordic Network MUSCATEN