Presentations of a snow research meeting at FMI 26 March 2009

Snow in climate model simulations and reanalysis

Kirsti Jylhä: About future projections of snow cover

Anna Luomaranta Snow in ECHAM5 GCM and European Centre reanalysis

Snow depth, water equivalent, albedo and other snow properties based on in-situ measurements and remote sensing

Ari Venäläinen: Snow at Finnish weather stations and field studies in Tuntsa

Achim Drebs: Snow depth in mid-January and mid-March in Finland since 1919

Outi Meinander: About Sodankylä snow UV albedo measurements

Kari Luojus: Remote sensing of snow cover using spaceborne EO-data: from regional to global scale, NRT and time-series applications

Modelling of snow processes and interactions with the atmosphere and sea ice

Bin Cheng: Modeling snow water content on sea ice

Terhikki Manninen: Effect of snow on the total forest albedo

Retrieval and processing of snow data for applications

Aku Riihelä: Arctic albedo in Climate-SAF

Snow in numerical weather prediction models, including snow data assimilation

Timo Vihma: Introduction to snow research in the FMI NWP group

Roberta Pirazzini: Radiation studies over snow in the FMI NWP group

Laura Rontu: Snow in HIRLAM

Kalle Eerola: Snow in NWP model data assimilation