NetFAM map

Nordic Network on Fine-scale Atmospheric Modelling 2005-2009

NetFAM has closed its activities. Please visit the site of our successor:

Nordic Network on Multi-scale Modelling of Atmospheric Environment MUSCATEN

NetFAM unites twenty Nordic, Baltic and French meteorological institutes from universities and weather services to a research and training network funded by

(Nordic Research Board):

"Nordic Network of Fine-scale Atmospheric Modelling (NetFAM) aims at complex and comprehensive promotion of fine-scale atmospheric modeling of Nordic-Baltic regional weather and climate processes and man-environment interactions, with strong emphasis on specific qualities of Nordic natural environment and the Baltic Sea influence. To achieve these objectives, the network is designed to cover the whole chain from basic research and researcher training towards the application of the models. The network shares modelling tools, observational and physiographic data, computing and educational resources, in order to strengthen the expertise in the area of fine-scale atmospheric modelling in the Nordic countries and adjacent areas around the Baltic Sea. " (from the project plan)

NetFAM national teams

There are ten national teams, each representing institutes of its country:


Danish Meteorological Institute
Department for Geophysics at the University of Copenhagen


Estonian Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
Department of Environmental Physics at the University of Tartu


Finnish Meteorological Institute
Division of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Helsinki


National Research Center, Meteo France
Department of Aerology at the University of Toulouse


Icelandic Meteorological Office
University of Iceland


Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Agency


Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service
Department of Hydrology and Climatology at the University of Vilnius


Norwegian Meteorological Institute
Department for Geosciences at the University of Oslo


Russian Hydrometeorological University
Main Geophysical Observatory
North-Western Roshydromet


Department of Meteorology at the University of Stockholm
Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute