Summer School on Planetary Boundary Layers over Complex and Vegetated Land Surfaces
Sodankylä, Finland, 4-14.6.2005

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In the above directory there are the presentation materials converted to PDF. Power Point presentations and additional material are available as a compact disc (because some of them are quite large). Please send your postal address to organisers to obtain a copy.

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The importance of the accurate and full description of Planetary Boundary layers (PBL) processes in a vast variety of numerical models (NWP, GCM, air pollution transport and dispersion) is increasing constantly as the resolution of models increases and the needs of various holders widen and deepen. This also imposes to cope with the actual complexity of natural surfaces (heterogeneity, high surface elements, time- and space variability of surface characteristics on various scales). This requires new theoretical developments and paradigms as well as new and more representative data tailored for the various needs of models. It is thus important that the new generation of students and young scientists involved with these issues get an up-to-data training on recent developments in connection with various applications.

The purpose of the summer school is to present in an integrated way the various aspects and challenges of PBL modelling, theory, empirical description and measurements for describing and simulating PBL over complex surfaces such as natural vegetated landscape and cities. International experts will deliver comprehensive lectures on these various theoretical and practical aspects of the PBL problematic in the field and models. Practical work will be also organised using the micrometeorological mast data and instruments. Students will have the possibility to present their work on PBL for exchange of experience and views.

The lectures will start on Sunday morning, June the 5th and the course wrap-up is in the morning on Tuesday, June the 14th.


Programme of the school (updated 10.6.2005)

Practical information (doc, updated 31.5.2005)

List of participants (doc, updated 31.5.2005)

Accomodation list (doc, updated 31.5.2005)

PhD students and researchers of planetary boundary layer from Finland and other countries are welcome to participate the school. There is no participation fee but participants are expected to cover their travel and accomodation expenses (see Practical information). Support will be available for NetFAM participants. Please registrate your participation by providing information requested in the

Registration form (MS-Word document)

at the latest by 18.3.2005. Later modification of your preliminary registration is still possible until 30.4.2005.


The workshop is arranged in the framework of

Marie-Curie Excellence Chair project PBL-TMRES of Prof. S. Zilitinkevich


Nordic Network on Fine-scale Atmosperic Modelling funded by NordForsk (former NorFA).

in cooperation with

FUMAPEX - Integrated Systems for Forecasting Urban Meteorology, Air Pollution and Population Exposure

Contact information:

Sylvain Joffre, - Course leader
Ivan Mammarella, - Practical arrangements
Sergej Zilitinkevich, - PBL-TMRES
Laura Rontu, - NetFAM
(please replace comma by the at-sign to reconstruct e-mail addresses above)