NetFAM - COST ES0702 workshop on:

Usage of local, micrometeorological and remote-sensing observations for data-assimilation and validation of mesoscale atmospheric models

16-20 March 2009, Oslo, Norway

The workshop consists of two parts: NetFAM working days devoted to surface data assimilation in NWP models, 16-20 March, and a meeting of the COST action ES0702 (EG-CLIMET, European Ground-Based Observations of Essential Variables for Climate and Operational Meteorology) 18-20 March. On Wednesday-Thursday 18-19 March, a joint session of NetFAM and EG-CLIMET will be held.

The aim of the workshop is to join NWP modelers dealing with the usage of different types of conventional and remote-sensing observations for data assimilation and verification of the fine-resolution atmospheric models. Theoretical and practical questions related to the assimilation of near-surface and upper air observations in the NWP systems gain increasing importance as the model resolutions improve in the horizontal and vertical directions. The workshop will address the new developments, discuss the state of the art and future perspectives. The workshop aims at providing suggestions for further work and cooperation in this area.

During the workshop, special emphasis will be given to

(i) usage of remote sensing and conventional observations for atmospheric data assimilation in NWP models,

(ii) usage of remote sensing and conventional observations for surface description and data assimilation in NWP models,

(iii) development of the observational data bases, systems of data assimilation, nowcasting and verification

Workshop programme

1. NetFAM working days on Monday 16 March 10.00 - Tuesday 17 March 18.00 and Thursday 19 March 15.00 - Friday 20 March 13.00

The participants of the working days will work with these topics:

2. Joint NetFAM-COST Session (agenda with links to the presentations, updated 18.3.2009)
on Wednesday 18 March 09.00 to Thursday 19 March 15.00

This joint session will be divided into sections with the titles of the four COST Working Groups:

  1. Parameters and Instrumentation
  2. Assimilation
  3. Observing Experiments
  4. Optimum Observing Strategies
Each section lasting about two hours will comprise a talk by the working group chair (30 mins) followed by three to four talks (15 mins) on key topics by the WG members or NetFAM participants. We are also planning two twenty minutes talks by representatives from GCOS and EUCOS. After lunch on Thursday there will be a 90 minute discussion session.

3. COST action ES0207 meetings on Thursday 19 March 15.00 - Friday 20 March 16.00

Participation and deadlines

To take part in the workshop, please fill in the registration form (doc) and e-mail it to Thor Erik Nordeng (t.e.nordeng, by 15 February, 2009, with a copy to Laura Rontu (laura.rontu, There is no registration fee in the workshop. In case you would like to make a presentation please give a title in the registration form, indicating where the presentation is proposed to be made: in the joint session, during the NetFAM working week or in the EG-CLIMET meetings. A short abstract of your presentation is welcome. It should be submitted by February 28, 2009. Abstracts will be made available through the workshop web page (

Venue and accommodation

The Workshop will be held at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. A block reservation has been made by in the Rica Victoria hotel. Please take care of your reservation yourself, by using the reference number 3581775. The price for a night in single room with brekfast is NOK 1170 + a reservation fee. Please inform the organisers if you plan to arrange your accommodation otherwise so that the possible extra bookings can be cancelled in due time!

Directions to the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, CIENS building


Nordic Network on Fine-Scale Atmospheric Modelling (NetFAM), supported by Nordic Research Board (NordForsk)


Norwegian Meteorological Institute (

Organizing committee

Thor Erik Nordeng, Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Oslo, Norway


Anthony Illingworth, University of Reading, UK


Nils Gustafsson, Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI)


Laura Rontu, Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), Helsinki, Finland


Per Unden, Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI)


Kirsti Salonen, FMI, Helsinki, Finland


Please find updated information at the web site of the workshop: