Workshop on "Parametrization of Lakes in Numerical Weather Prediction and Climate Modelling"
18-20 September 2008, St. Petersburg (Zelenogorsk), Russia

Programme of the workshop

html with links to presentations (26.9.2008)

Call for papers: Boreal Environment Research

Special issue on representing lakes in atmospheric models pdf (6.10.2008)

List of participants

pdf (9.9.2008)

Additional material for the workshop participants

Presentation prepared for the workshop by Luis Leon pdf
Papers by Claude Duguay zip-file
Web site of FLake

Practical or historical

Practical information (pdf) (updated 9.7.2008)
Info for train travellers from Helsinki (pdf) (updated 11.7.2008)
Please find the first circular (pdf) of the workshop.
Please be reminded that every foreign citizen needs a visa to enter Russia!
Registration to the workshop was closed in the end of May. Registration form was (doc).

Organisers and contact information

The workshop is arranged by the Nordic Network on Fine-Scale Atmospheric Modelling (NetFAM) and supported by the International Association for the Promotion of Co-operation with Scientists from the New Independent States of the Former Soviet Union (INTAS) and the EU Programme TEMPUS.

Local organiser contact in St.Petersburg:
Maria Mamaeva (mamaeva,
International Relations Office,RSHU
195196 Russia St.Petersburg
Malookhtinsky ave., 98
Tel +7 812 297 11 96
Mob +7 911 217 55 90
Fax +7 812 444 56 36\ +7 812 444 60 90

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