Moist Processes in Future High Resolution NWP Models

June 15-17, 2009 in Norrköping, Sweden

Programme with links to presentations (html) 23 June 2009

Programme and participants (pdf)

Announcement 15.4.2009 (pdf)

Workshop venue: SMHI

Registration: Please answer the questions in the end of the workshop announcement and send the result by
e-mail to: anneli.arkler, till 31th March, 2009

Presentations: Deadline for sending the title and (optional) short abstract of your presentation
to patrick.samuelsson, 31th March, 2009.


Nordic Network on Fine-scale Atmospheric Modelling (NetFAM), funded by Nordic Research Board (NordForsk)

EUMETNET Short-Range Numerical Weather Prediction Programme (SRNWP),
expert group of clouds and convection

Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological institute (SMHI)

Contact persons:

Lisa Bengtsson, (programme and presentation questions)
Patrick Samuelsson, (programme and presentation questions)
Colin Jones, (programme and presentation questions)
Anneli Arkler, (practical questions)
Laura Rontu, (NetFAM questions)
Sander Tijm, (SRNWP expert group questions)

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