Baltic HIRLAM Workshop
St.Petersburg, 17-20.11.2003

Baltic HIRLAM Workshop was arranged in the surroundings of St. Petersburg in November, 17-20, 2003. The aim of the workhop was to bring together the project participants, to discuss four main items: (1) the finest scale atmospheric modelling based on nonhydrostatic HIRLAM, (2) modelling of stable boundary layer and surface-related processes, (3) dispersion and air quality studies using meteorological model data as input and (4) education of numerical modelling.

Here, some material of the presentations as seen in the workshop is given. The files are converted to Adobe PDF format,lo with the exception of animation files which retain their AVI/MOV/GIF format and two Power Point Slide (PPS) presentations. (Some files may have suffered from the conversion by losing details and movements, but many of the original files were too large for web.) The approximate size of the files is shown in megabytes. The workshop contributions will be published in March 2004 as a printed workshop report, which will be available also at the web site of the international HIRLAM programme. The separate files of the report can be found as The file names p....pdf refer to the first page of the extended abstract in question, see the list of contents for details.

Presentations of the workshop

Programme of the workshop

List of participants


Russian State Hydrometeorological Institute
Baltic HIRLAM cooperation project
International HIRLAM-6 project